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My Absolutely New Travelling Geocoin

Lemon Fresh Dog

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I represent the COin Ordering Liaison (COOL) group. We are currently in the process of tallying how many of these our members want. At this point we are in for approximately 40 of these. I will try to remember to update with an exact quantity prior to the cut-off, but if you don't here from me, please send me an email, and I can get you an exact count. Great idea for a coin. We're looking forward to them.


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I'd feel a bit silly owning a coin that says if it wasn't in a cache it was stolen.....


I'd consider buying 2, and placing 1 in my umm... permanent coin cache... yeah, that's what my collection is...


Edit: Opps, read the info, looks like there'll be a way to keep one, heh. But I'll get 2, just to actually have one float around in caches in my area.

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Okay, I think I'll go for 500 (or more if demand rises by the 15th cut-off)


So here's the "Project Plan"


1) PayPal site goes up this weekend

2) I accept PayPal/orders to the 15th

3) Number finalized on the 15th

4) I wait until the 19th or 20th for everyone to get their payment to me

5) I order the tracking numbers from Groundspeak (assume 1-2 weeks max.)

6) I forward tracking numbers and payment to coins and pins

7) Coins are minted (last coins took 3 weeks, assume max of 5)

8) I send out the coins to all! (1 week or so to get to you, I'll do labels early)


Key features. Inexpensive. Trackable.


Coins (500) w/epoxy 1490

Tracking Numbers 750


$4.48US per coin


Shipping. My cost to ship one geobone (my personal coin) was $1.70 Canadian (about $1.25US. 2 - 3 coins were $2.90 (about 2.10). They are 60g each though, but they are also changing the rules and I can no longer send any non-paper object via letter post after Sept 19th - these may have to go out Parcel Post.


So..... How about the following:


Coins: $5 each (that will cover my PayPal cost)

Shipping $1.25 for the first coin, .50 for each additional coin).


I'll keep all reciepts for my envelopes, shipping, etc, etc, and post the results at the end. If there is a loss I'll suck it up (and anyone feeling sorry for me can send me a trader coin). If there is a surplus, I will use all of it to buy geocache stuff and give it to the local Boy Scout group. I do not expect there to be much either way.




$5 per coin

$1.25 shipping 1st coin

$0.50 shipping for each additional coin


I think that's a pretty good price for a trackable coin. Also, should I change the name from "Lemon Fresh Dog's...." to "The Geocoin Cacher's....."


I'll try to get the PayPal page up ASAP -- for those who want to know whom you're dealing with, my eBay feedback is 100% over 252 transactions.


Let me know what you think -- I'll design the "keeper" cards tonight (they will be printed on photo-paper)

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I'll take 2. Can I just meet up with you at the park instead of paypal? Sure would be a lot easier. Besides, theres still a couple of caches there I haven't got yet. And I'm still looking for a geobone. hehe ;)

:D I guess local cachers can skip the postage. Geobones are hard to find in caches ---- you may need to go all the way to Antarctia ;) (how come there isn't a wink-wink, nudge-nudge emoicon?)

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