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Fed Up With Change In Pq Functionality


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When I signed up for premium membership, I thought I had a certain level of pq service:

Pocket Queries are custom geocache queries you can have emailed to you on a daily or weekly basis.
now I find they are not emailed on a weekly basis - they are emailed once and have to be re-activated. The service supplied by gc is not as described. As the user base increases, so should the facilities - if not, gc has the pricing structure wrong, but that's not the fault of subscribed members.

I think gc should be installing the facilities to supply the service they advertised - if not, let somebody else supply the service :P:P If this situation is temporary, please let us know :P

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The second paragraph of my most recent PQ says...


Please note: Due to the recent issues with the Pocket Query Generator, you will need to click on the link at the end of this email to re-run this query a week from today. This is a temporary solution until we can speed up the Generator. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Looks like it's temporary!

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