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60cs..waiting For The Shoe To Drop

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Garmin seems to be pushing the new Sirf III chip as in their new Bike gps units (edge)

I have never seen them advertise the reception on any of their handheld units as they decribe the edge...


# High-sensitivity GPS receiver—knows your position even in tree cover and canyons, making it extremely reliable for navigation


Are we looking at the next release of handhelds all incorporating the Sirf technology, making my 60cs somewhat of a "paper weight". If we are, I have to hand it to Garmin marketing, because if they perform as I'm starting to hear, I can see a new "wave" of purchases to get units with the higher sensitivity chip.


I heard there were problems with the original Sirf chip, But recent reviews and Garmins commitment to purchasing and incorporating the sirf chip in their new products makes me wonder just how good the chip is.



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An external antenna will boost the signal a bit for the 60C/CS 76S/C/CS, so no worry at all.

i never have any real probs with my 60 losing signal, when ive seen it with other units it seems better at holding signal than others.


but im wondering if the 60c will be replaced soon, as its already over 2 years old.

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is there any plans to make a 60 series with the new chip? as i have a gps 60 and i am thinking of upgrading to a 60c. but i will wait if there is going to be somthing better soon.


i want to stick with the 60 series, as all my accessories will work with the new unit, such as car mount and pda cable.


I have a 60cs and love it.......I get very good reception under tree cover and only occassionally lose lock when heavy tree cover is combined with a mountain/canyon. So I'm not complaining and will be happy with the 60cs for years to come. But I still have my curiosity about just how good the reception is on the new chip and if Garmin will use them "across the board" in their products



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lol. welcome to the world of consumer electronics. anything they announce today is obsolete tomorrow. get used to it. you think that "new" pc you just got isn't already outdated by the time you walk out the door with it?


be happy with what you have now and how well it works for you now than worry about what will be out tomorrow.


for what it's worth. my first gps lasted my about 5 years (lowarance eagle pro) my second lasted me about another 5 (garmin vista) and i'm looking forward to my 60cs (purchased this past july) to last me a good 5 as well.

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Is Garmin EVER going to come out with a handheld GPSr that uses memory card technology? Or at least crank up the builtin memory to 256 mb or better yet 512mb?

I bought a bunch of 128MB Memorex USB flash drives for $5 each on sale this summer. Surely it was a loss leader for the store, but at that price (which Garmin could probably get through volume pricing) I don't see why they aren't incorporating more memory. Especially since City Select is now on DVD. I heard about all the hype over the SiRF III, and went online to see if any handhelds had the chip. Looked like only bluetooth GPS devices for PDAs were using it. Glad to see it make its way into conventional handhelds.

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