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Please forgive me if this is not an appropriate request, but it comes from a geocacher anxious to get information. My dearest friends' mom who has alzheimers and is on oxygen is named Doris Simpson and she lives/lived at 207 Northwood Drive, Carriere, MS. She lives with Johnny Sutter at the same address. Her daughter, new to geocaching, is Randy and can be reached at 706-637-9523. Right now we can't even find out if Carriere is still there.


All news seems to be focused on New Orleans, Biloxi, and Baton Rouge. This is a small community off I-59 North at Exit 6. No matter if the news is good or bad, if you can find out anything about the town or these missing folks, please call Randy at the number above or e-mail her at bluemac at bellsouth.net. She's desperate to hear if she's supposed to start grieving or what.


You folx with HAM radios have the original emergency contact system. Right now Red Cross and Salvation Army are over taxed and unable to provide info. Can you help?

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I have a friend who has family in the same city....I think.

Anyway....I have been asked to get info on thier property...the folks did evacuate.

Typically, only Emergency health and welfare messages are moved in and out of the disaster area for the first 24-48 hours. I would expect much longer here.

It is possible that NO messages are going into the area. BUT, this is a health and welfare so I'll try to do what I can Thurs evening.



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Communications into the ares are non-existant. Most volunteers are being held in the staging areas simply because IT IS NOT SAFE!

I know things are being said by the media that are grossly incorrect. The concern is for those who are in iminent life danger.

As it stands now, nothing is going in or out other than Emergency comms. Life threating situations.

Best bet as of now is the Red Cross website.




I will keep up and keep trying.....and praying.

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Amazingly enough, my friend's mom and companion have come through the storm alright!


Thanks be to God!


Thanks to all who have attempted to get information. Our prayers go with you as you work on behalf of all the other worried people out there. Know that there are miracles. Good things do happen.

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