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Subcategory Proposal: California Historic Markers

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If Pennsylvania has a Historic Marker category, California should too. :ph34r: I've always wanted to visit them all. Having the coords for them sure would make it easier. :D



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I am the Manager of the Pennsylvania Historic Markers category. I look forward to working with the Managers of categories for other types of historic markers.


Marky, why not be a part of the group that will manage this category, perhaps led by Moozer?


The more I read about what Jeremy and Bootron are thinking about the "groups" concept, the more excited I get. When I first saw Waymarking.com in July, I had little clue about the process of "filling" and "managing" my category. Now that we're rolling it out, I am seeing other people who are interested in my categories. Unimoggers, who posted above, is the biggest contributor of new Pennsylvania historic markers to my category. A fellow history buff! It is so cool watching the submissions roll in.


Once we have "groups," the first thing I'm gonna do is ask Unimoggers to become one of the other co-managers for the Pennsylvania category. It will be fun to work with others who share my interest in history.

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