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Gmrs Which Ones To Buy


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has a long range

If you are in an area that does not offer line of site communications you will not get much range with any GMRS radio, unless you can get assess to a GMRS repeater.


Now if you want a radio that will give you long range, that will includes accsess to hundreds if not thousand of repeaters, and if you can spend about $120-$150 per radio, Try a Ham radio.

You might also check into the legality of GHRS radio in Canada, the last time I check a couple of years ago they were not permitted.

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I too, would recommend going with HAM license. About $20 investment, and some time studying online. Some handhelds can be had cheaply. Although illegal, most HAM handhelds can be modified to work with FRS and GMRS...sometimes just a software update, usually clipping a diode. With thousands of repeaters, a lot being linked or having internet access (thus able to run ECHOLINK or IRLP), you can talk across the state or to other countries with your handheld.

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