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Where Do You Get Your Supplies?


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Is there a forum for ideas for placements?  Or do you just go by what you have found so far?

You might try searching the forums, particularly this one and Geocaching Topics using words like 'favorite caches' 'best caches' 'good caches' etc., to get ideas for the kind of things people like.


I gave it a couple of minutes and didn't come up with a lot but here are some links that may give ideas:





Then search for 'lame caches' to get an idea what people don't like.




Also, look at the profiles of people with a lot of (1000+) posts to these forums. The new feature that let's people make bookmark lists of favorite caches is a good source, but I don't know a way to find these lists.

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Also, look at the profiles of people with a lot of (1000+) posts to these forums.

(cough cough)


That may only imply said people are prolific creators of angst on the forums. :) Perhaps check the profiles out of those that have "joined" dates of a year or more would be better advice. Then check the number and/or quality/difficulty of finds.

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I get my ammo boxes from Cheaperthandirt.com ($19.99 for 6).


I get my Lock n Locks from Target or my local grocery store when they are in stock.


I get my cache decals from Skydivergear.com and cache stencils from Sissy & CR's website.


I get my logbooks from Staples and my shortie pencils as well.


I get my camo duct tape (to cover the Lock n Locks) from Walmart and my camo spraypaint (for the ammo boxes) from Home Depot.


I get my cache goodies from Dicks Sporting Goods, Home Depot, Sports Authority, Campmor, Walmart and my local grocery store.

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Perhaps check the profiles out of those that have "joined" dates of a year or more would be better advice.

Good point. I was mostly trying to say people who've been around a while. Though I also think of people who post a lot as having more computer time on their hands and thus more likely to work up such a list.

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Most army-navy surplus stores offer ammo boxes or other waterproof containers. Rubbermaid Serve-N-Seal containers work pretty well, too. I recommend identifying a good hiding spot, and then finding an appropriate container. Please bear in mind the full range of conditions that your cache will need to survive, and do not use a cheap, disposable container. You don't have to spend a lot for a container. There are many product containers that can be recycled as a geocache container. Try to avoid any container that has held food, however, as the scent will linger no matter how well you clean it, and will attract animals.


Think about if and how you will need to camouflage your container. You can buy camo tape at Wal-Mart (sporting good Dept.)


As for contents, dollar stores are good, so are Wal-Mart and Target. Yard sales, garage sales, and flea markets are good sources, too, but remember--no food, and nothing that smells edible (i.e. strawberry-scented candles, or coconut-scented lotion).


Remember--the hiding place drives your choice of container, and the container drives your choice of swag (contents).

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I like wal mart. and for $.50 you can get neat little trinket outta the candy machines. I bought several little necklaces to put in my new caches and the first 2 finders had taken all 3 of them. they may be cheap but they are great swag. I also like to find stuff from the camping sections at stores for neat trade items. I also found some great whistles at CVS pharmacy for 3 for $.99. As for containers I use whatever I have laying around the house... we just bought a bunch of tennis balls for our neice and I kept a few empty cans. I have a crushed soda can with a prescrption bottle glued to the bottom of it. I found a long dark grey PVC pipe on a 15 mile bike ride I did not to long ago that I am going to do something with. I am fixing up an empty peanut butter jar for a cache. When I use up my jam I will be using the jar...and I cann't forget to mention those ammo cans!! lol

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If you're lucky enough to live near Milwaukee, Chicago, or Geneva IL, try the American Science & Surplus stores. They have lots of different types of containers and just plain interesting stuff. If you aren't near the aforementioned cities, you can browse and order online at American Science & Surplus's website. Most of their containers are fairly cheap. I bought 5 small and micro containers of various types for a grand total of $2. Sure I'm annoyed if one of the caches goes missing, but the financial loss is nil.

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