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Steel Rod Stamping


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We've found one or two of the stainless steel rods, most recently today (SD0310, Pacific County, WA), and have wondered where to look for the stamping the datasheets say they bear. Today's mark is in an iron pipe with a heavy but removable cover, far enough into the street to be driven over regularly. Under the cover, the end of the rod protrudes a few inches; it's about 1/2" to 5/8" in diameter. We can't detect any stamped characters, or even a likely place for them to be. Where should we look?



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When facing the object with the hinge on the left, the stamping will be on a flat area at about two o'clock. See this image from Dustyjacket's fine gallery of benchmark images.




See it just above that little notch on the right side?


The rims do get dirty and overgrown and otherwise covered, so you may have to do some cleaning up, but I don't believe I've yet found an unstamped rod cover.



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This is not the standard NGS 4 inch logo cap . It is an 8 inch iron cap. I can't see any stamping on the outer rim in your photo. My guess is you will find any stamping on the inner rim, which is better protected from damage. You could also check that lid carefully.



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Well, we should have been more diligent with the dusting off of the outer rim of the pipe, where the stamping is still faintly visible, though we have not yet gotten it to show up in a photo. It's a curious place to put it, since the outer rim of the pipe takes the brunt of the tire traffic. Many thanks for the helpful responses.




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