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Gps In The Uk

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Hi all,


I am travelling to the UK in October for an educational summit. I want to take my GPS. Being Geo - centric to the US, I am curious....will my Merigold work in the UK?


I assume that it will but you know what happens when we ASSUME!.


I guess I will have to buy some software for the UK or just do without maps.....


If this post needs to be moved, please do so!!


I might even sneak my Garmin forerunner out on the flight over!!!

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Your GPSr will work fine here in the UK. As for maps, they are slightly better

than Your US topo Maps. Check out this Cache Page Click on the Streetmap link and have a look.

As for the mapping software. it is fairly expensive.

Paper Maps cost approx £7.00. Sorry you'll have to do the sums

You don't say where you are visiting.

Pop in to the UK Forum. We are very friendly

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come over to the uk website when you've dates and i'm sure you'll find some local cachers who'll take you nder their wing and lend you there maps for a cache trip or two.


i regularly get waas/egnos lock.


unfortunately you'll be a bit too far north for me. have fun.


i resisted the sarcastic reply but it was very tempting!!! :)

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I can add little to the advice given by my fellow Brit cachers. WAAS/EGNOS may work - not gone fully live yet.


As for caches enter the following postcodes into the ZIP box on the search page:


BB1 7JG for Blackburn town centre,

WV1 1SB for the University of Wolverhampton


To save the $12 ish per paper map just go to the Streetmap.co.uk link and print out copies of the OS 1:50,000 before you cross the pond - admittedly not as good as the 1:25,000s but useable.


London is awash with caches so you need to know a bit more accurately where you are going to be staying. Once again the postcode is key but a google search normally does the trick.


Have a good trip.

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