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Re-radiating Gps Antennas

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Hi all, our new 4wd's windshield has a rather steep angle, and no matter how / where I mount the legend, it always seems to loose satellite reception, especially if they are positioned above and slightly behind you.


I have been looking into re-radiating antennas.


Have you used one, any good? Ugly dadgum things.


I guess I can put up with it, as long as it fixes the problem.


Where do you have the receiving antenna mounted? permenantly or magnetic temporary?



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Just run the cable out a window and use the magnetic mount on the roof. They work very well. You can also get a hat (or modify one) that's like a regular ball cap but has a pocket in it to hold the antenna so you can use it when walking around as well if you like. I haven't done that yet but I can tell you that in my truck the external antenna makes a huge difference. Just be careful when you unplug the thing as the connectors fit pretty snugly.

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