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Invisible Shield Is Way Slick..

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reading through some back threads i saw a recommendation for "the invisibile shield".. so i checked out the site and on a whim blew the $10 and ordered one for my 60cs..


wow this is one slick product!


oh.. for those who don't know, it's a thin film screen protector that comes in all shapes and sizes for your gpsr and a ton of other electronic devices (i just ordered for my psp and palm t3). application is very simple and you can take your time and reposition it until it's "perfect" (unlike some other screen protectors i've used). after the protector sets it's absolutely clear. i can't even tell it's on my 60cs any longer..


i think back of all the years i used my vista and the few scratches i put into that screen.. oh well..


this really ought to be sticked somewhere (yeah i know they run an advert on geocaching.com, but i mentally just ignore those.. :anitongue: ) this is definitely something people should know..


ok. i'm one happy customer..


my only slight gripe. the protector for the 60cs is the size of the visible display area, but doesn't go out to the edges of the screen plastic. so you could get scratches there.. not a big deal though.


oh yeah, the web site




money well spent!


ps. one recommendation i saw in that thread that isn't in the installation docs, clean your screen off with alcohol and a lint-free cloth first so it's crystal clear..

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I just installed one of those on my new Vista C. I was disappointed that it wasn't exactly the same size as the screen. There is almost 1/8" discrepancy around the bottom sides.


It is cool . . . other than that. I just thought for that price it would truly be a "custom" fit.

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I can second the kind words that have been said about the Invisible Shield. I messed up the first one, and was so annoyed that I phoned and asked for a refund. The person on the other end of the phone made some suggestions re installation and sent me a replacement gratis. I am very happy with it.


I had also tried it on my Palm. It would have satisfied me except for one quality. When sliding a stylus on it, there was a rubbery feel which I felt was inhibiting when playing a brick-out game. Many people wouldn't be bothered by that, in which case I would also recommend it for PDAs.

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Mine was a perfect fit for my GPSMAP 76CS. If yours isn't the correct fit then likely it was a shipping error because it is supposed to fit each model exactly.


Right after I put mine on I kind of, um, ganked my GPSr a bit on some ivy. I have a nice scratch in the InvisibleShield but NOT in the screen. It doesn't bother me much but I'll likely send for a free replacement pretty soon anyway. It's guaranteed forever and they will simply send you another one. For the $10 I spent on it I am very happy to have a scratch there and not on the screen itself. Very nice product.

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well i had dropped a note to the guys that sell them. they said they don't make them the exact size of the screen for two reasons (i hope it's ok for me to repost them):

1 - If it's on the edge, you may bump against stuff and it will cause

the screen to come up sooner.  It gets caught on things easier.


2 - on LCD screens that are recessed (like a PDA, not a GPS 60), we make

the invisibleSHIELD just shy of the actual width so that it can be

removed at some point.  It's a lot harder to remove them if you can't

find an edge to start picking up!

which make total sense to me.. the first one i sorta figured myself..


i'm still very happy with it and will be glad when it saves my screen some day.. it's 24 hrs later and you can't see them at all unless you know to look for it..


and it's not that it doesn't fit my screen. it's just about 1/8" smaller on all edges. it does fit my screen, just not up to every edge. and it covers all of the actual LCD display. if i got a scratch on that outer 1/8" i wouldn't care at all..

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i've had other screen protectors too.. all end up scratching up sooner or later, or bubbling.. just don't see that happening with the shield. different material. and this is the thinnest one i've ever used (which would make me doubt it's effectiveness, but i believe the pen tests).


one other drawback i found.. it sticks badly to the inside of my case for my 60cs (the glisson one).. i'm afraid the case would pull it off..? :-(

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I got the moral equivalent of the invisible shield at radio shack in their clearance rack for $2.99 for a package of 12 3.5"X5" sheets, and covered lots of my screened electronics...



Nope. The InvisibleShield will protect your screen about a zillion times better than the cheap PDA screen covers and it will stay in place a zillion times longer. Notice that the others come in a package with a bunch of them. That's because they won't stay on. The scratch I got in my InvisibleShield would have been a deep scratch in my screen itself had I been using the cheap ones like you have. There is really no comparison between the two items.


(Ok, perhaps a "zillion" is a bit of an exaggeration but you get the idea.)

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Ordered one for my 60CS last week. It should be here soon. Whats a good case to get-glisson? Do I still need a case?

I got that case, never really used it.


I hate having a case, it makes a large gps way too large to handle.



The Glisson antenna crapped out after about 2 months.






The Invisible shield is setting up overnight, but I am impressed so far.

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OK. There's enough +ve feedback here for me to get one for my explorist.


Free shipping offer on at the moment.


It looks like it's open to international orders too! Well, I'm in the UK and so far they're only taken $9.95.


They won't ship it to me as quick as inside the US though, B) ( :D )

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I'll add another feedback B)

I'm in Belgium and indeed the free shipping is international for the moment, (I ordered on a Friday and got it in a letter on Tuesday).

I had some cash left in my paypal and splurged it on 3 of them (60C , 2610 and cellphone)

The cellphone is custom made and even though I think it's ok they're sending me a new one that should fit even better, gratis, I'm sort of a guinnea pig for this new item I guess 'cause my cellphone is up on their website now.


Do read the application guide carefully, applying all 3 took me about 15min but make sure to "squeegee" the shield when it is in place so that there is no bubbles or anything left, my cellphone has a tiny blub so I'm waiting for that replacement now :D

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You may not want to use it with a case. I had one on my 60cs and then put it in the case which I always to when I toss it in the backpack and when I tried to pull it out of the case the InvScreen had stuck to the clear part of the case...was kinda warm out. Screwed up the shield so I had to pull it off. Came of easy enough..need to order another now. And NOT use the case anymore.

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I've had mine on for a few days now and I am extremely happy w/ it. Not worried anymore about it tumbling around in my backpack or getting scratched from a fall.


When you get in your hands you can see it is much more durable than just a regular PDA cover, and very clear. I would say distortion is at most <5% at certain angles and virtually nothing at most angles (did that make sense?!).


Thanks for the tip on this great product!

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After reading these posts I think I will order this product today. I have the 60c and the Garmin case. I just got tired of the buttons under the clear vinyl and the inexpensive pda protectors were not that clear for me. Don't get me wrong the Garmin case is pretty nice, it will protect the GPS and it does look good, but it's kinda like sitting on a couch that has plastic over it.

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Used my devices a few days now.

It is very slick, very thin and in normal use really invisible. And it has absolutely no impact on the use of the touch screen on my 2610.


But there is a negative, it does turn the screen a little more reflective, on my cellphone and the 2610 it is less than on the 60C but still the peace of mind outweighs that point for me.

I second M4T's post, it makes sense :ph34r:

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They won't ship it to me as quick as inside the US though,  :D  (  :D  )

It was sat on the doormat last night! Better than a 2nd class RM letter :lol:


I found that the invisibleshield wasn't as easy to manoeuvre into place as I expected.

I had soapy warm water - about 8oz plus a pea size amount of liquid soap.

The wet invisibleshield was slippery when 1st applied, and I had chance to move the invisibleshield for a few seconds, but then it quickly stuck in place. Less than a minute to get the position right.


I expect I was a bit tight with the amount of soap I added.


After being fussy about the alignment and then ending up with a mark in the centre (looks like part of a fingerprint :? ) I did the best job I could at the 4th attempt and left the GPSr to dry.


This morning, the results are great. Can't see the mark in the centre ;)

And the display is clear.

Looking real close, and tilting the GPSr to catch the light, etc. the finish now has a texture that the uncovered GPSr didn't have.

Nothing that would detract from the normal viewing though.

Sorry this feedback got so big.

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