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Avroair Personal Trackable Coins


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Hey everyone. Many of you have bought or traded for my personal coins (of which I have only 4 left!!!). Anyways, I was offered a chance to have 100 coins trackable on GC.com and was wondering if people would be interested in them.


Once again I would be selling them at cost $5.00 each, but they have an additional $1.50 due to the tracking number fee.


They would be slightly different than the originals, (same size as to fit in mircos!), but would have 1K Club on the back (I am currently sitting at 992 finds) and would say "trackable at geocaching.com"


I would limit it to one per person who is interested and offer 95 to people leaving 5 for myself. This is not for profit, but for defraying the costs and to share my coins once again with you.


Any takers. :anitongue:

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