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The Legend can be purchased for around $135.00, with the computer cable.


You really want a unit that you can download waypoints into, although I know of one cacher who has found more than 1500 entering all the waypoints by hand. :anitongue:


You can also put maps into the Legend when you are able to purchase them.

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I have owned both and use the Legend now. There is so little difference between the two from a price standpoint that it really doesnt make a lot of sense to get the basic etrex. The basic model may meet your needs today but as soon as you are ready to download waypoints directly to the unit and or use maps you will appreciate the Legend. The Legend does come with a basic highway map preloaded. So it is useful from that standpoint right out of the box. Aslo after you spend a couple of hours searching the wrong location because you manually entered a coordinate wrong, you will really appreciate having a cable to load the waypoints via the computer. I'll bet I am the only one that has ever made a mistake manually entering a waypoint! :anitongue:

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