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Using Gpx Files With A Garmin Legend?


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We bought 1 Legend last November and got my wife her own a couple of weeks ago. Nice units.

Wanting to go paperless caching. With the help of a few people here, settled in with CacheMate on the Palm M500 and GSAK on the laptop. The 3 make an excellent combination. Very easy to use.

If you only want to load waypoints into the Legend from geocaching.com, all you need is easyGPS or better still GSAK.

A suggestion on batteries for the Legend are the Energizer 2500ma NiMH AA cells. You will get some great run time from them between charges.

If you do exchange the unit with a Garmin, you will probably be really satisfied.

Remember the Legend is a serial device so if your computer doesnt have a serial port, you will need a USB to Serial adapter. Wally World has them for about $23.

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We are thinking of returning our Cobra and going with the legend, but we want to make sure that we can use one of the softwares with the geocaching.com site to dowload waypoints and info into it.


Amazon has a great price on this one!

Yes you can I recommend GSAK. How much is it on Amazon? I picked it up on ebay brand new for $237. The guy has a store or something b/c he is alway selling them for around that price.

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we found the legend at walmart for 138 or amazon for 132.


I think we are returning this cobra and going with the legend.

I've recently purchased the Legend and it's been great. Another place to look is Dick's Sporting Goods. Recently they had a special on the Legend "Exploration Pack" which included the regular Legend items plus a car charger, car mount, case, and Garmin's Topo mapping software for $199. If you'd want the topo software I'd try to find a deal like this, but if not the Amazon price seems about right.

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