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Buying A New Gpsr

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About to replace an ailing eTrex Legend.

I am trying to decide between the MAP60C and the MAP76C????

Anyone have any comments to help me decide?

Most use will be for Geocaching, secons vacation travel.

I also hunt quite a bit and sometimes even fish.

I will be using Topo Canada maps.

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76 is bigger and has more memory. It also floats 'well'.

60 is smaller and has less memory. It floats, but not so well. Lithum batteries make it float better.


The 76 has a better base map but once you put a map on it that doesn't matter so much.


Most people like the feel of the 60 better. The 76 seems a lot bigger but when you compare them side by side they are not that different. It doesnt' change that it feels a lot bigger and looks a lot bigger.


I also think they have the same size screen though the 76 could certainly hold a bigger one if they had chosen to put it in. I wish they had.

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I have used the 60CS and the 76CS. The 76CS is a very good GPS and you won't go wrong if that is your choice, but for Geocaching I find the 60CS to be ideal. The main reason is the slightly smaller size of the 60CS.


As for whether to get the electronic compass, I definitely recommend it. I have no problem with batteries. I purchased “Rayovac IC 15 minute” rechargeable batteries and they will last all day.

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Never used the 60 - I have the 76CS. As for eating batteries....... ?????? Mine doesn't eat batteries and I always have the electronic compass on. I purchased the Energizer 15 minute charger - it comes with 4 AA and 2 AAA batteries. I got the more expensive one that also includes a cigarette lighter plug. It really does charge them in 15 minutes but I've never had to do so when caching. I would highly recommend the elcetronic compass since it has made all the difference between an easy find and a hard hunt.

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The screen eats most of your batteries, especially when the backlight is on, and the GPS is next. The compass uses almost zilch.


In fact, Brunton used to make a GPS/compass unit that got hundreds of hours out of the batteries, if you only used the electronic compass and pressure altimiter, turning the GPS on only infrequently (every 1-2 hours) for position checks.


I would give up the topo maps and color screen on my Vista C before I would give up the electronic compass and pressure altimiter. The latter are much more useful, IMHO.




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Got the 60C locally for #486 plus tax ($559 in all) close to 180 topos loaded and all set for a trip to NB. I would of went for the 76CS because of the memory or the 60CS for the compass if either had been available. Still all in all I hope the 60C serves me as well as my eTrex Legend which has click stick trouble quite a lot of the time now.

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It would seem that there are minor pro's and con's for either unit - get whatever one you are comfortable with - they are both good units so close your eyes and go eany meany miny moe! B) The difference is negligible or depends on what you want in your hand. Either way - got the Electronic Compass model.


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Both are good unit but when you can get twice the memory it is not a close contest.

76 wins hands down and is much easier to operate one handed and larger buttons.

I know the 60 comes with a belt clip, is there an equivalent for the 76?

I much prefer a belt clip to a pouch, I find it's easier access.

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I have the 76CS and love it. So far I have had an etrex yellow, etrex legend, etrex vista and now the 76 CS. Go for the extra memory, it seems with each new revision the maps are getting bigger and bigger. When I had the legend 8 megs was lots. Now 8megs wont even hold Toronto. With the 76cs I can carry maps for all of Ontario part of New York and Ohio and still had a little room left over for some extra maps of Ontario. As for the compass, gotta have it! I havent seen the battery drain everyone talks about. I use Nimh rechargeables and I get at least a full day of caching out of them. Besides like most I always carry a spare set just in case.


I will say one thing, there is a design flaw in the 76CS and 60CS series over the etrex series. The etrex units were designed for best signal reception while sitting horizontal, the same plane that the compass works on. Whereas the 76 and 60 's were designed to be vertical for best reception but the compass needs to be horizontal. So in order to use the compass you have to sacrifice signal. Not a problem if your out in the open but under tree cover this can be a problem.


As far as a belt clip, they sell a great case for the 76 series at gpscentral. Its a zippered neoprene case with a clear window. It completely encloses the gps , gives you a belt clip and allows you to see, and operate the gps without removing it from the case. Mine has taken a few headers so far but there is not a scratch or a mark on it. The neoprene is thick and spongy acting as a shock absorber. It's the best 20 dollar investment I have made so far.


Here's the 76 zipper case if anyone is interested.

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