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I know us Americans wait forever to do something and when we finally do, we want it now but...

I finally got the Palm Pilot in order and used a test file in it for paperless caching and followed that up today with a 1 year Preimum Membership.

Problem is that the charge card was approved right away. Not a problem there. The problem is trying to get the membership to show the upgrade from basic member to Premium.

Can someone tell me how long this usually takes to have switched? I sure would like to get some GPX files loaded and go geocaching.

Thanks for any help.

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I reckon "K" will be calling a "Conspiracy Theory" on this one ... :(

Hey, whatever works. This paperless caching thing just got a whole lot easier using GSAK with CacheMate and Premium Membership.

I can now load the Palm and Garmin in no time at all.

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