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Why Propose Categories?

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Just curious, but I proposed the category "Swimming Holes" the day proposals were opened.


I was excited to see that "Swimming Holes" showed up as a category today on the Waymarking site as "one of the newest" categories. I thought, maybe I just didn't get an email notification that my idea has been used.


Indeed, that's the case, because I don't own the category. So, if the categories we propose are going to be used by someone else more closely connected, why bother proposing them?


Here's the list of category proposals with "Swimming" in them.




Maybe I missed the locationless that this is connected to, or perhaps the category has been there all along - in which case, the "most recent categories" list is broken :rolleyes:



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.... so swiming holes was probably already a locationless.

If someone can find said locationless, can you let me know? I'd like to log it before it becomes a waymark category (edited to say - only a waymark category).


I'm unable to find an active locationless that is "Swimming Holes", unless it's a cache description without the word "swim" in it anywhere.



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It seems that the manager of the new waymark category is a Groundspeak Administrator. (Their profile implies this). I didn't notice that the person had owned a locationless (I checked their GC.com profile stats) so I'm guessing that this is one of those test categories that administrators are getting to add in.


It seems so far that the existing waymark categories are either transferred virtuals or new "test" categories by admin (such as Bootron's infamous McDonald's category).


I may be wrong and if so I'm sure I'll be corrected shortly :>



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I wondered how long it would be until a thread like this came up.


Jeremy, any new input into how and when "official" category proposals will be allowed and what you intend to do with the proposals that have already been made?

I can answer this question, albeit in a hazy way. We've been discussing the category proposals for the past couple of weeks now. Actually, we've been discussing them for months, but now we've been able to take the community's opinions into account. I am going to begin incorporating our initial solution into the site this week, and should have it updated to the site shortly thereafter (I don't have a timeframe, but will probably be within a couple of weeks).


The category proposal thread that is presently open has no relevance to anything whatsoever aside from people proposing categories for the sake of proposing them. We aren't really even reading the proposals as of this moment...you should note Jeremy's post at the top of the topic...it clearly says that we are not accepting new categories at this moment:


We are not accepting categories at this time


As of this moment we are allowing Groundspeak administrators and former locationless owners the ability to create categories. We are doing our best to come up with a variety of different categories to show examples of what can be done with the Waymarking site (even if you don't like them...ehm, McDonald's). We wanted to have SOMETHING up and running when we initially opened the site to locationless owners (and the select few premium users who have found their way to the site already).


As far as we are concerned, the category proposal thread is a place for people to hash out ideas, and perhaps call "dibs" amongst themselves. But I can definitely say that no priority is being given to anyone at this moment except for the two above mentioned groups. As Groundspeak administrators, we're trying not to step on people's toes with our selections. If you are heavily invested in the idea of managing the "swimming hole" category, once the category management is opened up to you, you may be able to negotiate that category away from the admin who owns it right now. I doubt that he would be heartbroken if that category was managed by someone else.


Anyway, it won't be long before we start allowing category proposals to go through and y'all will be able to control your own ideas.


Hope this helps.

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