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Category Suggestion: Time Warps

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I am a little confused about what you mean by this one.


If you mean those places where people dress up in costume and recreate the some time period for tourists, then I think that is a great idea.


If that isn't what you had in mind, could you give an example, please?

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Yes it could be that kind of dress up thing, but I was thinking more of places that have really not caught up with the mnodern world - for example along the coast from where I live is a 1910 style holiday resort that has changed little, and has 100 year old signs on the wall . I know of indoor markets that haven't changed for more than 100 years. My brother in law works in an ancient indoor swimming pool. (probably does use chlorine in the water now!)


And there are "futuristic" worlds fair type sites that built imagionary future cityscapes - like personal helipads, streamlined buildings etc that never made it into real life.

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