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Drawing A Picture.


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I've thought about this before, but I want to document what I want and see if there's an easy way to get it.


What I want to do is be able to put into a web page / a program a series of marks (ideally by PID, but by lat/long works) and have it "draw me a picture". By that I mean a full 3-D picture of how they are aligned. I want it to show magnetic and/or true north, the marks, lines between them labled with distances and direction. It should be 3-D so elevation changes can be noted.


Obviously of use with triangulation stations, but also when you get locations with many marks and/or intersection stations close it can be quite useful to visualize them while looking for them. I'd like to be able to spin it around on the computer and fully 3-D visualize.


I don't think anything like that exists, and I don't think it would be too hard to do, but I'm not quite sure where to start.

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I often draw this sort of thing out, especially for my mountain top Tri-station hunts. Once I get up there, I want all the info available that I can get without trying to figure out math on the spot. I find it very helpful. I also just love drawing out the math at home in the evenings !


I'll follow this thread in case someone gives you an answer using the computer. It will be fun to compare my own answers and drawings to that of the computer.

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Whichever program you use, the 3D info will probably not be very useful for objects close together, as in a typical Tri Station. Most DEM elevation data is on a 30 meter or a 10 meter grid. At short ranges, everything will look flat. It may work for the Azimuth mark, which is typically .25 to .5 miles from the main mark.


Another program to look into would be OziExplorer3D .They have a shareware/demo version you can try.



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Lots of programs like that exist. Back when I was doing cave surveying, we used various programs to draw plots. Some caves have quite a bit of elevation differences in them. The more advanced programs would allow you to use arrow keys to spin and turn the cave plot however you wished to view it. The programs were made by various cavers who spent years programming them.

Here is an example.

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