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Any Caching Football Fans?

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I have a travel bug called "Super Bowl Bound" in my possession. It's goal is to travel to as many NFL football stadiums as possible and then end up at the Super Bowl in 2006. It was released by someone who works for ABC. They had even attached two preseason Giants tickets to help begin its goal. The preseason game was great. Now I'm trying to help the little football on. If anyone can help it out pleae email me and I'll mail it to you.


Thanks, Jerseytrex

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Boomer Sooner! University of Oklahoma !

I want to put out an OU travel bug but since I live in Texas I am afraid it will be destroyed/kidnapped/mutilated/vandalized/lost/taken out of commission you name it. lol

Send it to me... I'll place it in my NCAA Rivals cache (I'd link it, but I keep getting server too busy errors trying to access gc.com right now)

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I started this TB and am happy to see there is interest.


The key to it's success will be if it is placed in a cache, retrieved immediately, and "passed" on to the next person of interest.


If no one has plans to take this TB to a game on the weekend of 9/8-9/11, I'd love to take it to the Patriots kickoff opener on 9/8 with me.


I am most likely am going to the Super Bowl and would love to meet the lucky person that is able to bring it with them. If no one is able to bring it then I'd ask someone to send it back to me so I can take it with me. But the coolest would be if I get to meet a geocacher that takes it to the Super Bowl with them.

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