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Where Are People Caching For The Bank Hol Weekend

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It's not a long weekend here, of course.


Scottish holidays defy understanding. They are different in different parts of Scotland, and can even be different between one end of Fife and the other. Some schools went back on August 17th; some went back on August 23rd. If you work in one place and your children go to school in another, god help you. The only advantage is that the summer holidays begin 3 weeks before the English ones, allowing us to sneak abroad early and benefit from cheaper prices before the season gets underway.


So, to get back on topic, it's an ordinary weekend for those North of the border.

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We're driving down to Newquay tomorrow for the week, planning to bag caches in Hampshire, Dorset and Devon en route. Should get a few done during the week, in between the beach and general touristy keep the kids amused stuff. Then bag a few more on the way home next weekend. Should see us past the 200 mark!!

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We are heading down to Croyde (North Devon) via Dorset for the week and hope to fit some caching into our otherwise packed schedule :lol:.


Planned but not promised we have: some Dorset caches (around Dorchester, Waymouth), some Devon caches (around Croyde, Lynmouth) and some sub Dartmoor caches (Lydford gorge, Tavy series)


We also will be without internet access for the week, so I currently have around 80 caches printed out, almost as thick as a telephone directory ... I will REALLY have to consider going paperless at some point :laughing:


I would be happy (and surprised) if we manage half that number over the course of the week, but its better to travel hopefully :lol:

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Wedding on Anglesey on Saturday, hope to do some caches on the way down there but will be in wedding gear - could be fun :lol:

Skippy working on Sunday, Pingu maybe caching with our neighbours who we introduced to caching last weekend and love it :lol:.

Monday - Maintanence visits to our Rainbow series and fitting some more caches in.

Tuesday - Ikea :laughing: - You need a GPS in there to find your way out :huh:

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We have just done 29 caches during my two weeks holiday. So Saturday shopping, Sunday a trip down the coast, so unless a new one comes up on the way nothing Sunday. Monday up the Brecon Beacons to bag a couple more, making it 31 in a two week period. Loved every one of them, but the West Brecon Beacon ones, they made us puff a bit. And Tuesday, oh well, back to work....

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We are planning to walk along some of the Kennet & Avon Canal tomorrow between Crofton and Hungerford, taking in about 14 caches on the way. :P

We went that way on Tuesday, it was GLORIOUS!


Did 13 of the `14 :P 3 DNF though :P


You'll have a great day!




PS The Harrow in Little Bedwyn is closed for the summer hols until 1st September. :P:P ...the set lunch there was £25/head :rolleyes::P:P:P

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I'll be at home twiddling my thumbs as I dont have a car. I live in a cache desert so I can't even do a quick tour on my bike :laughing:


However, as someone who recently got driven very quickly round Brussels I can confirm there are loads there. Come to think of it, if I ever got to organise a weekend in Brussels this winter for the sole purpose of Geocaching by day and beer drinking the vast selection of Belgian beer at night would anyone be interested? :cry::cry: I'm serious by the way!

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i'll second that. the more the better. you place some and maybe someone else will take the hint and put some more out.


no caching today, wore out my daughter yesterday so she wants quiet day today. waether meant to be nice so potter in the garden instead. go caching later in the week. weather meant to be getting better by the day. so no doubt snow by wednesday! :laughing:

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i'll second that. the more the better. you place some and maybe someone else will take the hint and put some more out.

I havent got that many caches under my belt yet, so I thought I'll do a few more before I place my own. Don't want to be accused of placing one too soon!

Mind you, saw an interesting site yesterday, will explore it fully to see its potential as a possible cache site :(

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Feet (and boots) up for us!


Bernie has just got back from a week in the Cairngorms, being dragged all over the place by his younger and fitter co-workers. His short, stumpy legs got worn to a frazzle on the hills but he more than held his own on the climbs.


Got to see a lot of familiar names there too - most of the East Anglia Caching Mafia seem to have been in the area recently!


Fantastic area made even more so through a load of caches in many surprising backwaters and hillsides - a good week of caching, could have spent months...


...but the weather is unpredictable...no it's not! It just rains and sleets every other 10 mins...

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We've just got home from a lovely day walking along the Kennet & Avon Canal from Hungerford to Great Bedwyn, taking in 11 caches, picking up 2 TBs and dropping one off en route, with a yummy picnic at one of the locks.


Now we're off to our "local" for a well-earned supper and a few pints of ale. :(

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