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When To Use Copy Tag


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I have seven TBs out in the wild. One is missing in an unknown location (Papa Bear James V) and one is being held by a cacher with very few finds and apparently no recent activity (Jumpin Jerry).


Papa Bear vanished from I-64@I-164 TB Hotel in Indiana. The cache owner notified me that it was missing.


Jerry is "allegedly" in the hands of a cacher with 7 finds and who hasn't visited the site since Jun 19, 05. I have e-mailed them 3 times since May asking for a status on the TB. They have not responded. Their last find was 4 days after they picked up the TB on Apr 13.


When is it safe/appropriate to use the copy tag? How much time should pass?

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I used one of our copy tags just recently after our first travel bug (smegley) that we sent out wasd muggled (06/2004), I thought it would be neat for the kids to track it's travels and maybe get some cool pictures back. It didn't move far before being placed in a cache that was trashed. So I have put out Smegleys revenge - I edited the bug's page and changed the photo, I also attached a tag explaining Smegleys revenge If some one ssteals this one it will be like lugging around a ball and chain (for real)






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I'd say don't re-release any sooner than six months (a year would be better). You can use the copy tag or make your own. (Some Stuffmarts and Pet Stores have tag machines that aren't that expensive to make your own custom tag.)


If the original resurfaces, get one out of circulation as quick as you can.

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