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Items In A Cash..what To Take/leave


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Travel Bugs are not trade items, you can take one without leaving one. Just be mindful of the bug's goal and move it on to another cache in a reasonable amount of time.


For trade items, trade even or trade up. Of course everyone has a differeing opinion of what even or up is. When I trade, I keep in mind what I would like to find in a cache.


Welcome to geocaching, it will take over your life soon. ;)

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Hey Badlands here is the link to one of my Caches that has several jars full of Genuine US Currency. There are several jars stuffed with $250 left in this one. I like to leave money in all my caches. It makes people feel go good to find it. Many times they share the money with people in other caches.


Heh Heh :(:wub: you though people did not leave money in Caches.


Old Virgins

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