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San Diego Geocoin Club (sdgc)


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Kansas coins are back on, and in production!


I made a commit for myself, fOtOmOm, and the SDGC club. Club quantity was for 15 pcs. I love the way it came out!




PW, let us know when you get back, we can get togther for some swapping then. Nscaler, I'm not sure where you live, but with PW in Ramona, I'm in Murrieta, maybe we could hook up in RB, or at the NC Fair mall?



I saw what was happening to Kansas awhile ago and sent him to the Guy that designs all of MiGO's coins, the Ohio, GeoCoin club, and my geocoin and we saved the Kansas project and TONS of money. I can't wait to have one.

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Here's the most recent list of Geocoins trackable on geocaching.com:


Here's the updated list so far:


USA Geocoin (no prefix)

Moun10Bike (###)

German Geocoin (prefix GE)

Colorado Geocoin (prefix CO)

Michigan Geocoin (prefix MI)

GeoBash Geocoin (prefix GB)

Geowoodstock III (prefix GW)

Maryland Geocoin (prefix MD)

Ohio Geocoin (prefix OH)

New Jersey Geocoin (prefix NJ)

Tennessee Geocoin (prefix TN)

New York Geocoin (prefix NY)

European Geocoin (prefix EU)

Geocoin Club (prefix CC)

Kilted Cacher Geocoin (prefix PC)

f0t0m0m Geocoin (prefix PC)

Avroair Geocoin (prefix PC)

Compass Rose Geocoin (prefix CR?)

Alabama 2005 (prefix AL)

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I just looked at the Alabama Geocoin site again. Looks like they open it up to orders tonight at 12:01 Alabama time. Is that 10:01 pm or 9:01 pm our time? Can someone else order the coins for the club? I sort of preordered on their forum, but if you use my name and say you are from SDGC, it couldn't hurt. Hey, I get up at 0410. :(

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Hey I wanna join in too! :)  Is it to late?

So far all the members are from southern CA or AZ.

AK seems pretty far away. I really see no reason why not though.

But then again, I don't really know who is actually "in" the club.

Roll call:

nscaler - yo!








am I forgetting anyone?


anywhoo.. I tried reordering the Alabama coins this morning.

C4 ordered 20, but I think that was for him and fOtOmOm.


And I think all the "gold" sold out yesterday. :)

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anywhoo.. I tried reordering the Alabama coins this morning.

C4 ordered 20, but I think that was for him and fOtOmOm.


And I think all the "gold" sold out yesterday. 


The gold were sold out before the general populace had a shot at it.


nscaler's club order for 16 pcs is there as well.


I did place an additional order for fOtOmOm and myself.


I did order 5 more than I planned on, since I wasn't sure if your order was going to be bounced since it was early. I didn't want to buy too many extra, in case your order went thorough.



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Hey I wanna join in too!  Is it to late?


My vote for Cav Scout is yes!


Anyone patrolling the streets in Iraq is welcome in my book!


I'll pay the shipping if there are any issues.


Stay safe!



Good enough for me :laughing:


Let's try another get together date.


Somewhere at NC fair.

After 1400 on the 24th(Sat.)?

I'm out of town 10/1 - 10/8 on a cruise. <_<


C4 - I think we will get all the pewter coins we ordered from Alabama

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I am trying to clear at least the early part of next Sunday for the event. My wife may be leaving on a missions trip to Mississippi the following Tuesday, and next Sunday night is the meeting for it. I may have to pass next weekend if I can't work things out.




Oh yeah, I made my coin 1.75". You can get a lot more detail in that way.

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I traded CA geocoins for Canadian geocoins (Calgary, Alberta to be exact )with Graylling.








One is 2004 and the other, 2005; I forgot which is which.


I was going to send him some CA wooden nickels (I had ordered 50), but they apparently got lost in the mail.

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*** Updated list: 09/21/05 ***


States coins:

Alabama -C4(20) NS(16)

Arizona -NS (10)


Colorado -trades?

Kansas -C4(15)

Maryland -NS(10)

Minnesota -in development

Michigan -trades?

Nevada -in development

New Jersey -C4(4?)

New York - NS(15)

North Dakota -C4(5) FM(5)

Ohio -trades?

South Carolina -NS(10)

Rhode Island -C4(5)

Tennessee - NS(10) C4(5)

Washington -NS(5) PW(2)

Wisconsin - C4(8)



Canadian coins:

British Columbia -trade?



Personal coins:

Avroair -NS(6)

Camp Explorer -?

Compass Rose -NS(10)

fOtOmOm - fOtOmOm :ph34r:

KTAG - C4(10)

Moose -C4(15)

Opticsboy -NS(4)metal(40)chips

Paneowege Kids -C4(6)

Red-Handed -C4(15)

VA cache -NS(6) Rec'd 08/31/05 :lol:


Event coins:

G.O.N.E. -trade?

GeoBash - private PW trade?

Geowoodstock III -?

Geowoodstock IV -TBD



Eurpopean Union -C4(15)

GeoCoin Club -subscribe

German -fOtOmOm ?

Katrina Red Cross Nickels -NS(100)

U.K. -on waiting list (C4 or NS ?)


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Here is what I have on hand. Unfortunately, I am not sure where we got some of the quantities for the coins I have on order, but some of them are off.


One of them was my fault for sure. The Rhode Island coins did not accept Paypal, and I forgot to send a check, so I didn't get the 5 pcs. I managed to get them to sell me one, and I traded my coin for another, so I have one extra right now.


Panowegee kids- I have 6 coins in-hand.


North Dakota- My order was only for 3, so I have 2 extra for trade.


New Jersey- I can't remember what I ordered, but I only got 2 in the mail today.


The Wisconson Coulee coins came in. I have 4 extra.


If by British Columbia you mean Canada, I have a couple of extras available.


I have a list of what I have paid for recently, so we can go over that as well.



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fOtOmOm just gave me a heads up on two new coins taking preorders.


One limited to 3 per person, so I couldn't get enough for the club.


The second one I put in a commitment for 15 for the club.



So what is the 3 coin limit coin?


I found the other coin you ordered. Thanks!

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I'd like to order 1 of the SCGC coins if possible.  If you decide to do more than 1 metal version, I'd like 1 of each.


Is there an official place I should post my preorder?

Right here as of now. We are working on an official coin order site.

We may offer this to San Diego County residents first.


Anywhoo... great looking McKinley Coin!


:blink: 174 and counting...

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