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San Diego Geocoin Club (sdgc)


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I am keeping track of the "preorders".

So far orders for 76 coins from five people...

And we haven't even "officially" announced the coin yet!


And yes, all those colors will raise the cost. The MD coins have four colors on one side and one color on the back. Using the color of the coin (MD) makes five colors possible.


CA 2005 is fours colors plus the metal (which can be shaded).


Just something to keep in mind...

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Just checked and C4 had ordered five of them (RI).


Well, I'm glad you found it, cause I couldn't!


Anyway, we can work something out for a couple of them. It's hard with stuff that I ordered pre-club. I was strapped for cash, and I was trying to get some trade stock up as well.


As for the color of the coins, I just got my personal coins in today, and they had 5 colors. I don't remember the breakdown, but it didn't really add that much cost to them.



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You can research a lot of info just by scanning through the forums and watching for our Avatars.


Yeah, I guess I have been too lazy to get around to that. I keep searching for my payment confirmations.


As far as my coin goes, I haven't figured out how to post a picture here yet, so I will work on that.


Also, I bought a few extra of the Paneowege or however they spell it kids coins today. I wasn't sure how many, and I know for a coin like that, some only want 1.


I bought 6 extra, so let me know.


We really need to get a final number of what to order. We have had people post saying they want to join, but it is still difficult to know when it is time to put the money on the line!



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As far as my coin goes, I haven't figured out how to post a picture here yet, so I will work on that.

Upload your picture on any of your cache pages (I've been using the Murphy TB/Geocoin Hotel cache).

Then link to it in your reply. Any place you can put the picture, you can link to it.

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Did anyone get in on some Rhode Island Geocoins? :D

Not me :laughing:

But it was Xmas time again today! :D

Ten very nice Maryland geocoins arrived!

Trackable at GC.com too!


(gloat, gloat)

Cool!! Maryland's are out! My wife ordered me one not to long ago but I'm probably at the bottom of the list......nscaler got one I can log??? :laughing: Would love to see that new Maryland coin icon!!!


SDCG coin is getting some pretty good feedback, we might want to consult with a minter to look at our options on "final" design looks with what we currently have graphically.


You can also see a cachers forums post form their profile page.....helps to narrow it down.


C4.....can't wait to get my paws on one of your coins....they look great!


Cheers.... :lol:

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*** Updated list: 08/31/05 ***


States coins:

Arizona -10 nscaler

California -get from Steve ! (PW) 1 from J&J B)

Colorado -?

Maryland -nscaler (10 ordered) -PW ordered 1 (wife)

Minnesota -in development, requested PW - 4, C4 - 5

Michigan -C4 (?)

Nevada -in development

New Jersey -C4 or nscaler - 4 (?)

New York - nscaler - 5

North Dakota -C4 (?)

Ohio -? (check for trades?)

South Carolina - nscaler - 10

Tennessee - nscaler-10 C4-5

Washington -nscaler - 5 -PW ordered 1 (wife)

Wisconsin - C4 - 8 ordered - on waiting list

Wyoming -on order, requested 2. nscaler 2 silver/ 2 bronze


Canadian coins:

British Columbia -?

Calgary -PW 1 bronze rec'd 08/30/05 B)


Personal coins:

Avroair -6 nscaler

Camp Explorer -?

Compass Rose - nscaler - 10

fOtOmOm - fOtOmOm :D

KTAG - C4 - 10

Opticsboy - nscaler - 4 metal - 40 chips

VA cache - nscaler - 6 Rec'd 08/31/05 B)


Event coins:

G.O.N.E. ?

GeoBash ? - private PW

Geowoodstock III -?

Geowoodstock IV



GeoCoin Club -subscribe (PW)

German -do you know of anyone ordering these ? fOtOmOm ?

U.K. -on waiting list (or get from C4 or nscaler ?)

USA -purchase online

Losing track of all the updates...what do I need to add/subtract from this list? B)

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I am ordering 100 of the "Katrina - Red Cross" nickels.

This is my own purchase. No one owes me anything.

But.... anyone in the club wants to buy some from me - no problem.


If you look in the "getting started" forum, you'll find the "closed" thread. Jeremy didn't think selling nickels was the best way to raise money. ACpilot (Mark) is doing it anyway.

Now the nickels sell for .43 and he is selling them for $1.00. So .57 from each coin goes to the Red Cross. The coins will be trackable on the geocoin.net site.


Again, this is my choice. No pressure to buy.


He e-mailed me that we should wait and see if there is enough of a demand first.

This could all fall through B)

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The new European Union coins just came online.


I ordered 15 for the club. (I also ordered more for fOtOmOm while he is gone, so that is why my post on that thread doesn't say how many I ordered. I didn't want to confuse the issue.)


They are fully trackable, with their own icon, and will be ready in Oct.




$9.00 each

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I agree with the flag part on the one coin.

V4 front with V3 back and change the star to the flag and I think you got it.

Use the brown colored state too. Stands out better.


Xmas time again!

Got five Washington 2005 geocoins yesterday.

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I like #3 front and back, but after reviewing the Fisur post marwelled by RM, I suspect that GC will not allow that "modification" of the logo. But the #3 front is my favorite regardless of the back...

I think that Groundspeak will allow the version 3 back. From what I have read and seen on other coins, they don't get excited about people using the 4 color quad, but the quad combined with the goofy guy and dotted line circle. RM

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I don't get the plus on the "G" in versions 1-3 (looks like a cult symbol).

The G has an X in the middle to represent X marks the spot. The G is for geocaching.


Back in the days when GC.com first started getting excited about folks modifying the GC.com logo, the GC Forum community decided to come up with their own logo.


Here is the thread where a new logo was discussed. You will note in the OP that Groundspeak’s disapproval of the Team Fisur geocoin logo sparked the new logo debate.


Here are the variations of the G with the x design and here are some other designs that came from that thread.



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