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Arizona Geocoin


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Yeah, that's the ticket! :)

But make the jackalope bigger.

Feet even with the bottom of the blue (you already have that) and the "antlers" almost touching the top of the blue.


The large coin looks good, but the realistically sized coin (40mm), you can hardly see the critter.


Or maybe just like it is. It's growing on me....



ok i like the front like that with the large state and the jackalope, just take the # from in front of the AZ0000 and get rid of the azgeocaching.com address, i kind of liked the "Caching in the Sun" better. and yes maybe slightly bigger on the jackalope.


as for gc.com tracking i think its too expensive to be worth it..


now the other side of the cin with the jeep and such i think a completely diff designs should be done.



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This doesn't do them justice necessarily. I didn't have the full size files being worked up available, so I had to shrink an already reduced size jpg to make this. But yeah, I think they'll show, especially in relief on the coin edge. The petroglyphs are going to be redesigned to be larger, as the stock images don't enlarge well due to their ultra-small size.

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I guess if you want a funny, comedy coin and a ha ha to Arizona wildlife as you have stated; then a jackalope might work. A serious and more interesting tribute might be to use one or two of Arizona's very famous and unique species?


We really like the saguaro(it shouts Arizona), the conifer, and the flag. Also like the side with the jeep but wonder if the actual word "jeep" should be used below. Kinda looks like a cheap advertisement. We agree with some of the other comments--kokopelli is not p.c. although he is a symbol of the southwest.


Why not go first class and have the geocoin trackable and with a cusomized icon for the stats. list. I think most would welcome those options for a little bit more.

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How about a jackalope, black, rampant, dexter, with the flag held aloft by its antlers. The coin could be cast in copper, since thats what Arizona is famous for, and it costs less than bronze. The obverse could be anything- like a rattlesnake wrapped around an ammo can as suggested previous.


just my 2 cents


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Another couple of potential designs.  Both Jake and I really dig the petroglyphs as the border for the coin.  It brings some more of the history of AZ into the picture (so to speak).  They are a bit small now, but once redesigned, they'll be enlarged a bit more, and some of the repetition will be removed, or at least reduced.

I like the top design best. Dump the silly looking rabbit. :lol: Keep it simple and Arizona.

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