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I Need Some Guidance Part Ii


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After I found the Ocracoke Lighthouse I tried to see if I could find EX0008 which is TIDAL 6 STA 25. It has been looged as destroyed on GC. The mark was place 5" off the lefthand side of the steps to the lighthouse. You can see the circle in the sidewalk but no disk. I asked the NPS volunteer about the mark and he stated that it was missing.

In 20021217 USPSQD reported it as GOOD. Should the status on GC be changed to NOT Found and reported to NGS as NOT FOUND. I know that this is a game but I would like to log everything as best as I can.


Let me know what you think



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Eagle -


Looking at your photo at EX0008, here's what I would do:


If I was sure that I was at the correct lighthouse, and I was sure that the step in the photo is at the entrance on the west side of the lighthouse (that is, the photo is looking east), and I poked and probed and, maybe, scraped through the moss and dirt that appears to be immediately to the north (left as we look at it) of the step, and I failed to find the disk, then I would log this as NOT FOUND in Geocaching, and as NOT FOUND in NGS, as well.


Occasionally, I'll fail to find a mark but will not report the NOT FOUND recovery to NGS because either I did not do as thorough a search as I would have liked OR, even after a thorough search, I still think that another thorough hunter may very well find the mark that eluded me (and many marks have eluded me; sometimes, large groups of marks actively conspire to elude me.)


It's interesting that a single Power Squadron member reported the mark as GOOD on 12/15/02 and then, again, two days later. That's thorough!!



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FWIW, If you can physically confirm that the disc is missing from this location, since it is vertical control, It certainly is worth a not found report at NGS. If you feel you found the location and see the disc is missing you can also call it "Poor" with a note in the descriptive text.


If the disc is missing for vertical data, we in the field typically will not consider the location valid for high quality surveys because me must physically rest an instrument on the Survey marker to measure a height or "Orthometric Height" If the disc is missing even if we have the location, the data we collect will not match the datasheet and this will not often comply with other standards we have to meet.


Either way, If you choose to file with NGS, the note will tell future Surveyors that there is little left there worth using for most surveys, yet the numbers collected form that location still serve Geodetic studies from the database...





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