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It's Nice To Know, My Reputation Precedes Me

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At one of my former residences, there was a huge swinging vine the 'hood kids used for swinging over a 20 ft., steep and rocky ravine. One day I heard a sickening thump.


Medical personal had some difficulty accessing the injured kid. The results included three broken ribs, a broken wrist, a broken shoulder blade and a fractured eye socket.


The kid, a prominent football player spent about three weeks in critical condition, and I sure many months of physical therapy.


Bottom line: Don't swing on vines if you value your body. :mad::mad:

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I think I have yet to come across the vine that I trust to hold my weight.

Funny, I used to swing on that same vine. My weight being considerably more than the 12 year old kid's. I trusted it many times, always wondering why at the same time.


Actually, I'm probably lucky it wasn't me swinging when the vine came down. I'm sure my injuries would have been much more serious. :mad::mad:

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