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This is a great idea, since currently we can't place caches on such sites. And there are dozens and dozens of fascinating and largely unresearched sites in our country UK


But do you mean archaeological digs? Harder to find, and more transient.


If you manage the archaeologcal sites I will send you some iron age fort locations soon! They are are already lined up in my mind . . . and on the map!

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Norstar. I agree. Digs, I'm not sure about. From being on digs, it can get hairy when people just "appear" to watch. Puts the defenses up.


When I said Archaeology sites, I was thinking more like Serpent Mound or Mound City in Ohio. Cahokia in Illinois, Chaco Canyon in the Southwest, sites like that.


I agree it is a broad category, just a thought. I love to see the ruins of ancient peoples.

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