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Members Only Waymarks

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I was just thinking the same thing. Currenty only members can propose/create new categories. I think the category manger should be able to specify two levels of members only category -


1) only members can create waymarks in this category. Non-members could still see the waymarks and could visit any of them. The manager may want to use this to limit the waymarks and perhaps avoid non-members posting invalid waymarks.


2) only members can create and visit waymarks in the category. Non-members would not be able to see the waymarks in this category. The manager may want to limit the number of visitors (to an ecologically sensitive area for example)


I don't see a need for the waymark recorder/guide to make individual waymarks members only, but that might change.

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Members-only-caches do not seem to get much use on GC.com, but they do appear to come in handy from time to time.


Will the same concept be tried on Waymarking.com? Should it be?

I don't have any members only caches, BUT I would certainly have several members only waymarks.

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