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Minimalist Cache Clues.

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I am wanting to setup a cache that has very little if any information about the cache. There will be a clue in the name of the cache, but the difficulty will be high for the sheer fact of trying to find it with no clues.


Mainly a warning or two and the coordinates, that's it.


The point is to have it take a couple of attempts before getting to it or sheer determination to get it the first time.


What do you think? The rules that I have read don't really say anything about this. I would put a disclaimer on it explaining that the difficulty would be in finding it without a lot of clues.

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I think its fine. It gets back to the roots of geocaching, just a set of coordinates. Some of my own cache pages are like that and some geocachers actually prefer it.

Yeah, I have found I really don't need my GPS for some caches because the clues are so easy and I know the area.


I just thought it would be fun to post a picture of the cache as the clue and post what the FTF prize is. Or after someone finds it, put in another tempting prize.


Dated prizes, like hockey tickets and stuff like that. :laughing:

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The point is to have it take a couple of attempts before getting to it or sheer determination to get it the first time.

:lol: I attempted last weekend (as did a couple of others) a cache that DID have information, and still got the same results you listed.


I guess my point is that there are many ways to create a challenging cache that requires multiple visits or a lot of physical/intellectual/emotional stamina to complete the first visit. I agree with another poster's opinion- if you apply your suggested technique, a note to the reviewer would probably be helpful in getting the cache approved.


Oh, by the way, be sure to include an encrypted hint that says something like "No clues here, that is the point of the cache." :laughing:

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Thanks.  I want my caches to be hard, but worth it.  With no info, would a 5/5 difficulty level be appropriate?

For a terrain rating of '5', the cache usually requires special equipment -- ropes, ladder, boat, scuba gear, etc. or it is at the end of a very long hike at the top of a mountain.


I did one that was rated '5' but it was just 400 feet away from a 2-WD road. The cache placer must have used a jeep to get up the hill and didn't realize you could walk there . . . :mad:

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With the price of gas as high as it is, that would be very mean. :mad:


One Terrain '5' cache I found required a 15' ladder. It is a 30-mile drive one-way to that location. The cache placer would not have endured himself to the caching community if that requirement had not been listed on the cache page.

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There used to be a series like this in my area. They got quite a reputation -- mostly negative. I loved them, but a lot of people didn't like the lack of info, and the hides were very sneaky (they were ahead of their time -- I think most people would find the same hides considerably easier today). One contained a code that decrypted into UTM coordinates -- it took me months before I realized what they were. One was simply an offset. One had coordinates seemingly in the middle of a road but was actually in a culvert twenty feet below the surface. I'm sure many people have since seen caches like there, but as I said, these were early on and ahead of their time.


Only three people found them all; I found 8 of the 9 before they were archived.


The listings are here, the ones named "Not Tellin'"

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