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Roadside Caches Betwixt Toronto And Belleville?

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There should be a couple of the "401 Series Service Centre" caches that you can hit while going both directions...


Eastbound: GCNHVA (#6 Clarington) & GCPGTP (#7 Trenton)

Westbound: GCPGW6 (#5 Trenton) & GCNHW2 (#6 Clarington)


I'm not a big fan of drive-bys... growing up in Scarborough and all, :lol: but they do make a nice excuse for that quick rest break to go "stretch the legs" :laughing: even if you can almost touch the cache with your front bumper!



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Other than the ones Tomtec suggested, here are a few that I've found on my drives that way:


Ez Off, Ez On GCGE62


Off the Hwy but not too, too far:


Drive In Drive By GCKB9G

The Durham Region Travel Bug Hotel GCKT31

The Carts GCJ95N (could be at certain times of the year)

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Ez Off, Ez On    GCGE62

Drive In Drive By  GCKB9G


With names like these, how could I have not seen them! The other ones look pretty quick too... Ha ha, be careful what you ask for C-A... with all these drive-bys combined, you're gonna have a tough time even matching the hiking distance to one of your shortest caches! :laughing:



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