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Rat Poison Found At Cache

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I was just wondering if anyone else has found such a thing at a cache before? I was amazed to find this small bag of pink wheat which was obviously purchased from a shop as it had a printed label with "Rat Poison" on it.

Fox's Cousin What amazed me even more was that the owner had placed it in there at the start! He called it "Fox Bait". Anyhow I removed it and binned it straight away.

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Did someone think to contact the cache owner and ask about the contents? It says fox bait and that may be a local joke but, still not good for swag and advise against leaving that type item again.


Owner appears to be a new cache hider so may have glossed over that part of the guidelines. The right and tactful approach should solve the problem.

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Send a note to contact@Groundspeak.com

Don't bother. I reported someone in my area who had admitted to spraying Raid and leaving mothballs at one of her cache sites. Geocaching did nothing about it.


BTW, I don't think the rat poison was in the cache, but was next to the cache. Which, imo, makes it an even worse offense. (Although leaving rat poison as a cache gift is pretty bad to begin with.)

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It hardly seems necessary to condem rat poision, or any substance that could cause harm to unsuspecting people, kids, geocachers, etc. Even if the poison was outside the cache to "protect" it, its bad news. I think reporting it as well as posting a note on the cache log page warning people about it is a good idea.


I emptied a bottle of kids toy bubbles that had leaked inside a waterproof cache container and ruined everything, seems sorta mild in comparison.

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I have one cache in a wooden box, and a mouse raised a family therein this spring, and continues to surprise cachers...... and I'm debating what to do. It hasn't gotten inside the tupperware or hurt anything, but some people find it creepy. suggestions?

We found your cache with the mouse, but didn't find it creepy. The mouse was rather cute. We logged the cache, returned any straw bedding, and replaced the cache. He's been there for a while according to previous cacher logs. So I'd say he's found a nice & safe home and I'd just let him stay.

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