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Category Creation Ala Wikipedia

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I'm no expert on Wikipedia, but I like the way the online encyclopedia handles creation of new articles and modification of articles.


Anybody is free to add a new article, or edit an existing one. Because of the number of users, and self proclaimed "experts", any errors or inappropriate information posted is quickly corrected.


Is there any knowledge the users at wikipedia could transfer to the Waymarking site? Once you get to a certani number of categofies, the good people at Groundspeak and the forums will have a hard time nominating & voting on the creation of new categories.


If people were allowed to add them at will, other users would also have the ability to edit/modify/delete(?) those new changes, or at least suggest in a similar way to the popularity meter that the category is inappropriate, should be moved, or should be archived.


Just a few thoughts ... I'm sure some of the model at wikipedia could be used here.

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