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I Need Some Guidance


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:lol: I geust this will be a two part question. I just came back from Hatteras. While I was there I did some caching and benchmark hunting. I went hunting for EX0345 which is Cape Hatteras LH 1933.

A lot of people have logged this one. For GC I see this as ok, but it is the wrong location. On the NGS datasheet the recovery note logged by USPSQD states EX0345'COORDINATES MOVED TO N35 15 08 W075 31 44 BY EXECUTIVE OFFICER USCOAST


Should this be recoved as not found? All reference marks are DESCRIBED IN ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION from the original LH location.


Let me know what you think



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BDT is correct. I would log EX0345 as DESTROYED on Geocaching. Then, I would do an NGS recovery report as NOT FOUND with the explanation that the lighthouse no longer occupies the location of the published coordinates. Then, I would send an e-mail to Deb Brown with an explanation an a few photos, and I would recommend that NGS reclassify the station as DESTROYED. After the NGS datasheet reflected the new (destroyed) status, I would go back to the Geocaching datasheet and update my log to reflect the fact that the station was destroyed and that the destruction pre-dates the numerous FOUND IT logs.


Of course, this is just a game and all that I suggest, above, is optional.



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Seven is correct.


The survey data is more about the position than it is about the lighthouse. This is true of any survey mark. If the position is moved, it is no longer the position. This renders the data bad. Destroying a landmark's position is something NGS has little problem doing as they have little control over landmarks like these. Positional accuracy is the highest priority.


This station is destroyed, and since it was a landmark third order station NGS will likely destroy it too. I would send Artman's link as supporting evidence to deb.brown@noaa.gov and ask that the lighthouse be considered a destroyed survey mark, as it no longer occupies it's original location.


Good Luck!



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My recollection is that the reason the lighthouse was moved is that the steadily eroding beach would have resulted in the demise of the lighthouse one of these years. So the station was going to be destroyed anyway; at least this way, they saved the lighthouse.



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