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Garmin Iq 3600

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HELP!!! I called garmin and asked how to upload the .loc or .gpx files and they said I could not on the 3600. They also told me that I cannot type in my own coordinates and they are wrong. I have been caching with the IQ3600.


I am hoping since tech support with Garmin are idiots - I was hoping a fellow GEO Cacher has figured this out on their own.


I registered as a member to be able to export the cache pages to a doc file or ebook... I cannot manage that task either.


PLEASE I BEG anyone to Help US!


Please copy & paste response to :




Happy Caching!


team GeoDoughs

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The Garmin iQue uses the Palm OS so you can download and install Cachemate. It only costs $8.00 to register, but you can try it with ten Geocaches.


I downloaded GSAK for my PC and paid for it after I found out how useful it is.


I load the PQs into GSAK, then send the waypoints to my GPSr from GSAK and Export the .pdb file for those same waypoints to Cachemate.


Cachemate is very, very handy.

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Unless you really like spam mail, I suggest you change or remove your E-mail address from your post. just replace the @ with (at).


There are bot programs that do nothing but look through all of the forums on the web for the express purpose of harvesting e-mail addresses that are posted to make spam mailing lists. By changing the @ to (at), the bots don't recognize it as an address.


To get OT, I also will put in a vote for GSAK/Cachemate. They are truly great programs, well worth the minimal cost.

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