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Off-road Caches In Western Pa


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I am looking for some caches in Western PA that would require a little "legal" off-roading. Does anyone know of any. I found Quest Masters "Elk Rock" a few weeks ago and that was a nice little trip on State Game Lands, which although an established dirt road, were illegal to drive on.

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Many of Quest Masters caches can be accessed by 4WD. Polly Takes the Plunge can be a fun 4X4 experience. You may want to drop him an email. Better yet, if your in the area, talk with him at his Upcoming Event. I know QM personally, and he is an "old school", and very proficient cacher. He favors caches with elevated terrain ratings that also have a sense of adventure! Heck, the guy drove his Dodge Colt to the North Pole!! :mad: I'm sure he could give you plenty of options.


I could give you some 4X4 caches in Central PA if your interested.



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I have a bookmarked list of offroading caches in the greater Western PA area: CW Iams's List of Offrading Caches


Enjoy!  :lol:  Feel free to yet me know of any i have missed -- I have complied this list from discussions on the Tri-go yahoo group message board.

Thanks for the list. I kocked Liston School Road off the list this past weekend. It was a great cache.

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Its not real long, but if you get in the area here's The 4x4 Hillbilly Hide.


E-mail me if you decide to head this way. I can place at least one more soon, and direct you to some more off-roading spots.



Besides the fact that it took me like 15 mins to understand the hill-billy style of writing, it looks like a great cache. Gotta see what's going on in the next couple weeks and maybe make a trip up to try it out. If you can give me a few more close ones that you would recommend I might make a weekend out of it.

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