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Date Variable

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I recall a prior bug report saying that dates could only be entered back a couple of years. I see that this was fixed, and that the available years in the dropdown menu for date variables is now 100 years, going back to 1905.


I discovered this when I tried to edit my Iron Furnace Ruins category. I decided it would be fun to know who found the oldest iron furnace, the last one to close down, etc., so I added a variable for the waymark creator to specify the period during which the furnace was in active use. But, they were all gone by 1905, having long since been replaced by modern steel mills. In the U.S., iron furnaces were built in the late 1700's to the early/mid 1800's.


There will be lots of other "history" categories added to Waymarking in the future. In England or Germany, 1905 is barely even "historic." Is there any way for a date fields to handle any century, maybe with one box for century and another for year within the century (00 to 99)? Or is this too fancy, and if someone wants to record the fact that a castle was built in the 14th century, they should be content to enter this information freehand?


In my very limited experience, waymarkers are not always following the text instructions on what needs to be included in their narrative. The judicious use of variables will help with this. When people see a blank field, it prompts them to think about the question and supply the requested information.


Thanks for your consideration.

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