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Category Proposal: Stelae

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Stelae are ancient stone tablets or monuments.


There are examples in many cultures throughout the world: Maya, Aztec, Phoenicia, Egypt, etc.


They were used for many purposes:


Border markers

Grave Markers


Monuments to mark special events



They could be small and book sized to as tall as a person.


They would be ingraved with either words to tell a story, or carvings that depicted a person or event.



This Waymark may be able to stand on it's own, or be a sub-category under either standing stones or petroglyphs.


Any comments?

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Here are two pictures of stelae in Tikal, Guatemala that we took while on vacation. They are about two or three feet tall:






And here is a pic of stelae grave markers also in Tikal:




Two law or story stelae:






A complicated stelae showing a story in art form:



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I think these should be in, but possibly toegther with standing stones - to the archaeologist they will be very different, but to the layman, similar.


These should have an obligatory educational paragraph aimed at mid-high school level to explain to visitors what they are seeing in words of one syllable!

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