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Catagory Proposaal: Hot Air Balloon Festivals

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Catagory Proposaal: Hot Air Balloon Festivals


I've often wondered where these annual festivals are located. I attended one in New Mexico years ago but now live on the East Coast. I'd love to find out where and when these festivals take place around the world. I'd love to see another one, its a beautiful sight.


Sammi Liz & Co.

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I am an active balloonist and have had this idea for a locationless cache for quite awhile but they were no longer being allowed. I think it would be a great Waymarking catagory. The requirement should be a picture of you, your GPSr and one of the balloons or pilots at the festival. Including the date held each year. The festival must be an officially organized annual event not just a weekend group of local balloonists or commercial ride operators.


I would volunteer to assist the catagory owner or be the catagory owner if that's OK with Sammi Liz & Co. who started this topic and the WM PTB.


Here is a picture of my balloon at the annual Red Rocks Balloon Rally in Gallup, NM. We will be there next week. Red Rock Balloon Rally

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I think Ballooner is the perfect person to head up this waymark catagory. Go for it Ballooner....I look forward to it!  :ninja:


Sammi Liz & Co.

Thanks for your support. I hope we can get this going. There is a balloon festival or rally just about every weekend somewhere in the world. Here is a list of events from the Balloon Federation of America. There are more lists out that I will post later.

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Just participated in the 25th Annual Red Rocks Balloon Rally in Gallup, NM. With over 200 balloons, it is billed as the second largest annual balloon rally in the world. The largest is the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta with over 750 balloons. Here is a pic:



Since we can't have it as a Waymarking catagory yet, we placed this cache there.


We actually placed the cache with the balloon. We think this is the first ever cache placed from a hot air balloon. :lol:


Let's get some support going for this catagory.

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I just got the following message in an email from Groundspeak:

We're adding a few random categories here and there and liked your Hot Air Balloon Festivals idea. Would you care to manage that category? Please let me know and I'll set it up.


Since Sammi Liz & Co. have already agreed for me to manage it, I have told them that I would. So it looks like we are making progress on this catagory.


Now for the rules. Here are my suggestions:


To qualify for posting, the festival must be an officially organized Hot Air or Gas Ballooning event. These events are typically organized and/or sanctioned by a local ballooning club, city or county government, or chamber of commerce. There is often an associated website.


To post a waymark the finder must:

Post the coordinates of the launch field along with the city, state/prov, and country.

Give the name and date(s) of the event.

Post the associated website if available.

Post a picture of you and your GPSr with one of the pilots, crew, volunteers, or in front of one of the balloons involved with the rally. (Pilots and crew are usually very approachable and willing to help. It is better to get there early. Don't get in the way once they start inflating the balloons.)


Most festivals need volunteers to help with the event and crew for the balloons. This is a great way to get involved. You might even get a balloon ride out of it. I always try to get my volunteer crew up in the air. (Disclaimer: not all pilots are as nice as me but most are.)


Let me know what you think about "the rules". I am open to suggestions so they will be reasonable and ready when we start the catagory.

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This catagory is approved and up and running!


OK folks, this is happening more quickly than I expected.


Check out the catagory listing here.


I am always open to suggestions on posting and logging requirements. Let me know how to make it better.


And Thanks to Sammi Liz & Co. for getting this ball(oon) rolling :unsure: .

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