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Category Proposal: Marijuana Cultivation

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My first NO vote.


In many countries it would be a criminal offence not to immediately report the find to the law enforcement agencies.


Furthermore, publishing the find could prejudice a criminal investigation and might hinder a successful prosecution.


What's worse is that the production of marijuana, coca, and opium poppies in some countries is controlled by multi-billion dollar racketeering gangs who have no compunction is hunting down informants and punishing them with extreme violence including lethal force.


I vote no on this one.



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Its a waymark for a place thats only temporary. It would also attract more people more than it would warn.

Why is this a temporary waymark? Say Joe High had a marijuana farm in a remote area. The police discovered the farm, burned the pot, and arrested Joe. The location (lat and lon) is still there. There may even be something to see there as evidence of its former use. I bet if some proposed a category of crime scenes, this would get a lot of yes votes.


I agree that listing places that are currently used for marijuana cultivation (or any other illegal activity) is not a good idea. Even though this is meant to serve as a warning of places to stay away from, it will inevitably attract the curious to visit. Let's limit waymark to places you should visit, not places to stay away from.

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Agree with last post, as this is a place to visit, not avoid. I also like someone getting the coords and forwarding them to the local LE. But the real warning is that any place that has this activity is dangerous to transverse, and booby traps are a real concern. Even in the National Parks such as Kings Canyon & Sequoia have issues with growers, so we all need to be open eyed. But for some reason, human beings have a fatalistic fascination with certain things (drug havens; crime scenes, & car accidents) and posting them would lead to further danger to a player.

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Aw come on people, this is probably the most interesting waymark proposal yet. :(


"Hey Joe, where's the closest weed patch?"


"Just a coupla miles down thatta way!"


"Cool! We'll have to stop for some chips first though!"


At least this waymark that would probably get regular traffic.

( from BOTH sides of the law)



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even considering the good intentions of the poster, the category is too transient. What might be there one year would be gone the next.


and anyway, the whole point of a waymark is to have you go there. how do you have a waymark that you're not supposed to go to?

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Here's one yes vote, with a proviso - you are Waymarking a point in a country where pot cultivation is legal.


/In other words, a practical"no".  Nice thought, but I'd just as soon call up the State Police and give them the info - or a State Park Manager, if it is in a park, that is.

I support this yes. Not everywhere in the world things are as in the USA.

In my country we have not much growing in the wild (we have not much wild here in the Netherlands :-) because of climate but we grow in glass warehouses (the same we grow our veggies in and our flowers).

In the interior of Marocco you will see many pot-fields between potholed roads. Those fields have the protection of the local police and are the only viable cashcrop for many poor villages.

Something else: on the Balkan there are poppy fields for the official production of medical opium derivatives. Totally legal.

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How about a category for cannibis cafes? Lots of those in Canada and Holland. ;)

now that would be a good category.....

motivation for a vacation.


there could be an "adult" section--like yahoo groups. i believe that DOB was asked on registration, but it could be added.


this section could allow adult clubs and retail stores to be available--some places do not have them (through regulations and mortoriums) while others are saturated. these waymarks would definately need constant moderator supervision (category owners and waymark owners) to keep it in a tasteful manner.

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