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Category Proposal: Rv Parks & Campgrounds

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As an avid RV'r one of the things that we really need is a data base that contains detailed information about various campgrounds. I see that we have a catagory for "free" RV camping spots. I hope that we can add one for all RV parks and campgrounds. I would be glad to do the admin on it if it helps.




Camping Hoosiers

Memphis Indiana USA

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I can see where it would be fantastic to have a list of all RV parks...


..although I understand why it might be nice to be able to search by type of RV park also: parks with tent camping too, parks with playgrounds, parks with swimming pools, parks that are free, etc. I suppose that some people only want to stay at certain kinds of parks, and would travel another 40 miles to get to the kind of park they like.


Others would just like to know which parks are in an area, and would like to choose from among all the parks in an area.


Which kind of listing would really be more helpful? (I am betting that ALL parks would serve the needs of most people--I suspect that we are getting carried away in general with ideas that are too specific---"firehydrants painted blue", instead of "painted firehydrants" sort of thing).

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A little more in-depth reading of the Waymarking forums have shown that there will not be "sub" catagories.

Aren't there already subcategories? I looked at "restaurants" and (with the popularity filter up over 90) there wre two subcategories: BBQ/sandwich joints and mcDonalds.


restaurant subcategories


So couldn't there possibly be:

RV enthusists



with playgrounds

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