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I Still Don't Understand Locationless Caches Here

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Hello. I've read through the forums the past couple days and I am still very confused.


I don't understand how locationless caches will fit into the Waymarking.com site.


At first, I thought that this site was going to be the new home for virtuals and locationless caches, such as neat family things like historical sites, landmarks, art, etc...


But now I am seeing coordinates for restaurants and nudie bars. Is the gist here to just database buisnesses coordinates and soforth, and not have anything to do with locationless and virtual caches? Or is supposed to be a mix of corporate and non corporate places?


Right after I got the email for the Waymarking site I responded to convert my locationless cache over to the new site. Was that a mistake? Should I cancel that request?




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It's simple: you'll become the manager of the "Devil Strip Signs" sub-category of the "Signs" category. All people finding a new Devil Strip sign can create a new waymark for that sign in your category. Those who visit that waymark afterwards can post a 'visited it' log.



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Think about it this way.


There is a locationless cache for Lighthouses. Say this interests you and you want to gather locations and photos of lighthouses around the world. The current locationless cache will not come up on your 'nearest' page because it was created half a world away. You'd only know that it existed if you serched through all the existing locationless caches.


Now, say you are going to the coast and want to log the lighthouse there. You'd need to go through the entire list of logs for that locationless cache and hope someone hasn't already logged it. (Typically only one find per location is allowed) That is a lot of work and there isn't any way I know of to make it easier.


With Waymarks there will be a catagory for Lighthouses. Then people will create waymarks for the individual lighthouses, similar to logging a find on the existing LC. But here is where it gets good........You will now see that lighthouse waymark when you are searching the area for your trip. In addition you can go to that waymark and log that you visited it and share that experience with others who have visited that waymark.


I see this as having great potential especially for things not quite as obvious as Lighthouses. One that comes to mind is murals, I know of one that I need to go find again. It is literally in an alley and you'd only see it if you were walking between the buildings. I never knew it was there until someone who knows the artist showed it to me.

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The general rule (not hard and fast, 'cuz it varied by owner) for most locationless was that a particular locationless could only be logged once (by anyone). In the new scheme, that person becomes the owner of the waymark, but other people can still visit that waymark.


As I believe Jeremy said, this opens up the locationless activity with more supply, since anyone can visit them. For instance, some locationlesses effectively got closed because the N instances of that item were all logged, and no one else could log as a find, and gc.com doesn't let you track distinct notes etc.


Obviously there are now two levels of stats - you own some waymarks (kind of like FTF), and you can also visit others. So whenever numbers are released, you have more types of numbers.


I find it really interesting to see how this pans out. There is obviously a lot of jockeying for how the site will be used, and people will have agendas as to how they think it should develop, kind of like gc.com which was experimental for a while, but basically solidified on the "physical caches are the basis for the activity" line and the traditional arguments about caches without logs or with verification codes, etc, etc.


One interesting thing which I'm not sure about is whether owners of a waymark can delete logs of visitors or specify restrictions on how a visit is confirmed.

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I was hoping to set up a locationless in the hopes of finding 49 starred flags around the continent.....under this current waypoint category, I won't be able to do that, will I?

Why not? You propose a 49 Star Flag category. TPTB will see that as too limited and hopefully create a category of Flags with a subcategory of 49 star flags. You get to be manager of 49 star flags (assuming you garner enough votes for the subcategory which I hope would not be a problem) and anyone who finds a 49 star flag can either create a waymark for it or, if it already has a waymark assigned, log it. The directory as it stands today is only the beginning with a few entries. I predict there will be thousands of categories in a year or so once people get into this thing.

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