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Talk About Excitement

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There I was, just enjoying a cold brew when the phone rings.


I check caller ID and it’s FFEMT’s cell phone. I answer and hear wvnascargrl on

the other end of the line. And the next thing I hear are sirens in the background!

After she explained what was going on I said, “Don’t you think you should get

the heck outta there!?!?!”


Imagine my surprise when she actually listened to me!

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Actually I wanted to stick around and watch the excitement but FFEMT

said that probably wasn't a wise idea. I think I've been watching Dogg the Bounty

Hunter a little too much cause there for about 3 minutes I was debating on whether to try and capture the guy. I could just see it now: **in stealth mode action** "Hello, in your runnings thru the woods here, did you happen to notice a tupperware container covered with sticks??"... WHAM!!! CAUGHT!!!!



"Suspect caught by GPS welding geocacher. -Details at 11!!"



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About twenty years ago I was coming out of a hobby shop and as I turned left on the

side walk a guy was running straight for me with a bag in one hand and what looked

like a small club in the other. I put out my hands to block the unavoidable collision.

And as we went down four cops monkey piled right on top of us with guns pointed it

him but if they did shoot I would have been hit too!


Cruisers and more police showed up and jumped in to get their licks in and one

grabbed me and started to cuff me but then one cop said not him he caught the

suspect! They helped me up and as the stars were still floating around my head they

were patting me saying good job and thanks.

and he could have shot you. (the club was a .357 )

I tried to tell them that i just stepped in his way but they just kept saying nice job' so I

gave them my name and ask them not to release it and staggered to my car.

The news paper said unidentified hero helped catch a suspect in a gas station robbery.

I still chuckle when I rub the bump that's still on the back of my head.

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