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Opticsboy Geocoins 2005

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Hey guys,


Can you please reccomend the best way to ship these coins economically. I want to go price out the shipping options so that I can give an accurate shipping cost for the payment stage of this process.


Please rocomend shipping containers (Envelope, Padded Envelope, box, ammo can, etc) as well as method (first class mail, priority mail, UPS, FEDEX, DHL, teleportation...)


Thanks in advance.


Steve, Opticsboy

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I bought 100 bubble mailers (4 x 8) from ebay for $8.95 plus shipping which was around $7.50 so the total was around $17.00 and they arrived in about 2 days. That's $0.17 a mailer, not bad. As far as postage goes, I would just have the post office weigh it with one coin and two coins and then buy several shipping labels for each with the exact cost of shipping. As for the packing material. you can be creative and use whatever you want as long as it keeps the cost down. I figured I could mail one coin for under $1.00 total which isn't bad.

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I prefer to use CD-mailers, as they are really sturdy. But they are more expensive than regular mailers. Padded envelopes work great too.


Whatever method you choose, I would recommend using an index card to tape your coins to. That keeps them from moving around inside the envelope, and also helps keep people from feeling the envelope and noticing there is a coin inside.


As far as shipping, when I ship out one coin, just regular first class, it is .83


But when I use delivery confirmation, it must be shipped Priority mail, and that works out to a little over $2.35 for one coin. I don't choose the insurance option.


The most I can ship in one envelope has been 6 coins.


Shipping and tracking will be your biggest hassle. You may want to set aside a specific day of the week to make your Post Office runs. If not, you will be going every day.


Looking forward to seeing these coins hit the streets!

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I've used hte bubble mailers and taped the coins (which were wrapped in newspapwer from Sissy when she shipped them) to index cards. Two coins were under a buck from the post office. WalMark has cheap bubble mailers though not as good a deal as eBay.


For your own protection I'd probably consider tracking the coins unless you are perfectly happy sending them FOB your office. (Buyer assumes the risk of Shipping loss). Then it's up to the buyer to specify tracking and insurance if they want it.

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Okay all,


THank you for all the support. I think that the ordering is slowing down now, so I will lock in the quantity at the current level. Below are the orders that I have to date. If I am missing anyone, please respond quickly to get added to the list. I will of course be ordering a few extra for my personal use (that was the point afterall).


2 xfalcon1

3 ladycacher

5 fotomom

3 moun10bike

1 shop99er

1 Rupert2

3 terrible ts

2 cornerstone4

2 Yemonyime

1 Damenance

2 M&M Hunter

2 XRN95

1 Silvermarc

2 Smokey and the teacher

3 donbadabon

1 joefrog

1 Blazerfan

2 Grandpa rocks & grouchy grandma

2 tin-ear

3 Legna and soulbait

1 kcogrn

2 geolands

1 2bugs

1 bluegillfisherman

1 pdxmarathonman

3 cache-bert

3 geocrickets

1 Nurse Dave

1 Face Dances

1 Atlantagal

40 Redwing_dave and COOL

1 mauison

2 Dliming

1 The badger and the butterfly

2 Robinego

1 Team Coychev

1 Undaunted

5 Keving68

2 Blind Avacodo

4 Doughball

2 Camel680

3 lemonfreshdog

2 icecreamman

4 nscaler

3 cache and kerri

1 kilted cacher

3 team tecmage

3 toojin & bart

3 blue iis

2 jeepmtj

1 iqi

33 ICE coin group

1 Go JayBee

1 1markymark1

1 workerofwood

3 KirklandExplorers

2 ManGenGho

1 hammerjane

2 Jake - Team A.I.

2 carleenp

2 Special Ed

2 graylling

2 Team Dinosaur

2 Team LightningBugs

2 Team Bigdawg


I will be opening up the Paypal lines very soon, so stand by for that!




Steve, Opticsboy

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