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Category Proposal <fossil Collecting Sites>

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Put under the general topic of places.


Areas that have fossils, rocks and minerals that can be legally collected are of great interest to many of us. The photographs would be attractive in many cases, and perhaps should be required to claim a waypoint, along with coords of course.


The suggestion has been made that some proof would be needed to show that collecting was authorized.


This would not fit well under the Earthcache category, because many locations with exciting fossils actually prohibit collecting.

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I like it. Just make sure you know how to verify that it is legal.

I agree with this qualifier. You should require info in the log that allows us to verify the site: website, photo of a sign at the entrance, anything like that. But this is great idea, and I know which one I would want to log for it.

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I'd love to see this approved! However, I must admit that I'd prefer that fossils go in one category and rocks and minerals in another. It's not that rocks don't interest me (they really do, just see my cache 1 Million, B.C.), but paleontology and geology are two very different sciences.


Although there is some crossover between the two, fossil hunting is about ancient life and geology is about processes that formed our planet.


They're both great pursuits, but I hope they're approved under seperate categories.


Just my humble opinion. . . :D

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You make a good point, Shem Ham & Jaketh. The major category could cover both types of locations--viewing and collecting-- and individual waymarks could specify if collecting was allowed or not.


Domino Doggy, I would like to hear more about why you think there needs to be more than one category--seems to me that each waymark would focus on the more specific but that in general rocks, fossils, minerals, and gemstones form under such similar conditions that they are a natural combination for the main category.

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