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Possibility Of 'event' Type Categories?

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This is kind of related to a post I made to suggest a category that I don't know if it would be allowed as the site currently is. I'm posting this question here as I'm not sure my other post will be noticed by TPTB and it really is a question about the main functionality of the site anyway.


So here's my question -- The main root directories are for People, Places and Things -- what about Events?


I think there could be a whole subset of waymarks that wouldn't fit under the current three directories but would qualify for a separate listing as 'events'. The main distinguishing factor is that categories of events would include waymarks that have a fixed physical location, but the time frames in which they could be visited would be limited in some manner. In my post in the suggest a category forum I give some examples of these types of waymarks (think festivals and fairs, presidential visits, that sort of thing.)


Is there a possibility of expanding to include Events?

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