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Category Proposal: Crossroads

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Name: Crossroads

Description: Intersections that form common names.

Directory: Things >Signs


This could be fun or this could be dumb! I got the idea last spring while biking up to a nearby cache in Niles, MI. I happened upon the intersection of Phillip Road and Morris Road and noticed that they "spelled" Phillip-Morris (a large tobacco company). How many other intersections are out there that form common names when combined. Is there an intersection of a George Street and Washington Blvd? A place where Brooks Road intersects with Garth Lane? There may be thousands of places like these.


It's up to you to find a crossroad that forms a common name. I'll leave it up to your imagination. The combined names could be that of a person, place, thing, event .....


Post a picture of the signs with the coordinates along with a brief description of who, what, or where the new name refers to.


Comments, suggestions, flames???

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That would be cool. I remember I once was working on a job in Las Vegas on the airport grounds and the closest intersection to the job site was Russell and Maryland - at the same time that there was an active NFL player named Russell Maryland.

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