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Category Proposal: Fishing Spots

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"Fishing Spots"


Many of us have been to a place that is great to snag a good catch. Usually, we don't share these secret places with anyone, fearing these folks will soon bring more folks, and bring more, and soon our spot will run out of fish.


Welcome to the "New World" where we invite people to share our catch. Take a chance to post details about your favorite fishing spot. Include in your log all the particulars that have made this such a good place for your fishing. Things to include are bait/tackle used, type of fishing (salt water (deep sea or other?), fresh water (perhaps fly fishing, boat fishing, or maybe just that restful spot at the end of a dock). Be sure to include any pertinent information for the next guy. If it's on park land, we need to know if there are specific limits outside the local licensing regulations.


Fishing Spots is for those places we fish often and catch a lot.





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Official Wet Blanket Post <sup>tm</sup>


For exactly the reasons in your first sentence, you'd need to modify the category to be ... Fishing Spots that Were Once Good, or Marginal Spots to Begin With ...


Or you'll get jokers that will post "Lake Michigan" ...

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