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Category Proposal: Museums

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Name: Museums

Description: Museums located anywhere in the world!

Directory: Places>Cultural


Many people don't realize the many different museums that are around them. Science, history, art, local, regional, national, and more... the list is long and varied. Here's a chance to show off your local museum or the one you find in your travels.


Location, name and description. Fee to enter (if any) and schedule. Website if available and picture of you at the entrance or sign with the name visible. Special exhibit information if available and applicable and whether guided or self guided.



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Beast of Traal is what you mean like this?


Places > Cultural > Museums > Science

Places > Cultural > Museums > Art

Places > Cultural > Museums > Natural History

Places > Cultural > Museums > etc...


Someplace like Smithsonian would be loggable under everyone of them depending on which part you visited as long as you had different pictures of the entrance into each one :) Which is fine to me. I like the idea of being a little more specific.



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